The Heart Song

The Heart Song Scholarship will place the participant in the Practice Accelerator fully preparing them to establish a fruitful biblical counseling practice upon graduation. The Practice Accelerator is a cohort program centered on five themes;

  • Spiritual formation
  • Self care
  • Emotional & cultural intelligence
  • Marriage & family
  • Entrepreneurial management.

Involvement in the Practice Accelerator will transform the theory and methodology of the classroom into an art. Participants will receive hands on experience in the counseling room maturing their case wisdom in handling real life brokenness. And they will also develop the skills needed to manage the business of private practice biblical counseling.

The Heart Song Scholarship Practice Accelerator will place the participant in front row seats to watch the transformative work of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives now and in future ministry.

Scholarship Structure: Application Deadline May 1

  1. Apply in the semester before the final two years of seminary coursework.
  2. Two-year Commitment.
  3. Two students are chosen per year.
  4. $1000 a year scholarship.
  5. Cohorts provide mentoring in the areas of coursework discussion and building a successful counseling practice.
  6. Participants will be invited to join HS staff meetings, case discussions and writing workshops in person or in Zoom calls.
  7. Will sit in on counseling sessions, including preparing for and reviewing the sessions.
  8. In the final semester of coursework before graduation, if there is a mutual interest, the participant will begin counseling, building a client load, so that upon graduation their move into full time work is manageable.

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