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As a pastor or a church leader you are often confronted with the difficult decision of how best to care for the members of your church as pastoral care and counseling situations arise.

Perhaps you feel the situation is beyond your giftedness or that the demands of your schedule requires that your time is spent in other essential areas of the gospel ministry of your church. The questions soon run through your mind,

  • ‘Is there a trusted and experienced counselor that I know?’
  • ‘Who will partner with me in leading them to reconciliation and healing?’
  • ‘Who will counsel in the same gospel transformational way that we do
    ministry at the church?’

It is frightening how quickly all of the teaching of the church can be undone in a matter of a few counseling sessions. Thus making it a priority to have a close working relationship with a counselor who operates as one of your most trusted staff members.

Counselors at Heart Song seek to walk alongside you in the care and shepherding of your flock through theologically sound biblical counseling that leads people to heart change and redemption.

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To refer someone to a counselor is typically a black hole. As a pastor, you have no idea what kind of care someone is receiving. The relationship we have with Heartsong is a uniquely helpful experience because knowing the people who our members are seeing, trusting the care they will receive, and being able to check in on how people are progressing allows us to mutually care for them.

What We

“Heart Song extends the loving and shepherding arms of the pastor.”

Heart Song offers churches a Gospel centered approach to care for church members and neighbors. Offering a ministry that is at the same time both inwardly and outwardly focused.

Our counseling approach is ecclesiastically driven in that we believe true healing is found in the person of Christ and is worked out in the community of the local church. We practice our counseling in a way that enfolds counselees into the body of Christ for continued support and growth. This is unique from most contemporary counseling services, which offer services to clients completely isolated from the resources of the church.

As counselees experience healing within the context of a church where it is safe to be vulnerable and open about their joys and suffering, they will then take this message of comfort to their neighbors – helping to transform the community through the power of the Cross of Christ. As neighbors become aware of and participate in this counseling resource at the church they may soon become part of the church’s body as well.

Heart Song Counseling offers the following:

  • A fully functioning counseling ministry under the direction of your church
  • Seminary trained biblical counselors who works alongside staff members of the church
  • Assistance in the pastoral care of the church (including shepherding, mercy ministry, and church discipline issues)
  • Training and mentoring of lay counselors
  • Teaching and equipping small groups, leaders, and the church staff with biblical counseling resources
  • Regular meetings with pastoral staff

Let's Get

We are confident that local churches can benefit tremendously from Gospel-centered counseling. We thank you ahead of time for the privilege of being able to offer this to your church. We look forward to working alongside you as we make disciples together here in the Capital Region and Tampa, Florida.

If you are interested in partnering with Heart Song or want more information on what a partnership could look like, please contact us through the following link:

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