Changing the

Changing the World – One Heart at a Time

Know an individual or couple struggling with hurt, anger, disappointment? Do you wish you could direct them to biblical counseling that brings about the type of heart change that only Jesus can provide?

It is our goal at Heart Song Counseling is to equip hundreds of students with a heart for counseling to understand:

  • Real-world situations
  • The business side of counseling
  • The potential they have for changing the world one heart at a time for Jesus.

There is a huge deficit in biblical counseling in the U.S. and throughout the world. We honestly can’t keep up with the demand for our services or the ability to serve those less fortunate.

Why Offer Scholarships to Students? Why not simply hire graduating counselors from Seminary?

Complete transparency: It’s difficult to find qualified candidates due to a few misconceptions when it comes to earning a living as a biblical counselor or mindsets that don’t understand the huge potential we have as shepherds to restore the Church.

With the establishment of The Heart Song Scholarship, our goal is to ignite a revival, that the Holy Spirit can multiply throughout the U.S. and the world, bringing both Christians and the secular world to our doors, so they can be healed through Christ’s love and truly understand unconditional love. For many, the first time in their lives.

Will you partner with us? Our 2020 launch goal is to fund 2 scholarships, and to establish a fund providing discounted counseling for those in our area who are less fortunate.

The scholarship program’s budget is $8,000 for two participants a year. This will cover the scholarship as well as travel and cohort expenses.