John Lauber

John Lauber

Late in 2007 John invited his wife Phyllis and three kids along for a wild adventure to establish a private practice for biblical counseling in the greater DC area. As it turned out Heart Song Counseling was established, giving him the opportunity to have front row seats in watching God transform people’s hearts, lives, and relationships. Before this current adventure, John served on staff with churches in Rye, New York and Denver, Colorado as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America.

John is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando and has over 16 years of biblical counseling experience. His schedule also includes speaking engagements at conferences and churches as well as small group and church leader training seminars. He has drank the CrossFit Kool Aid and is a fanatical baseball fan, and all too often daydreams that he is playing center field for the New York Yankees.

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