Headshot of Caroline Williams

Caroline Williams

Caroline loves living and working in Northern Virginia. Originally from South Dakota, Caroline is enjoys the warmer weather of the south. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Spanish and Anthropology from Oklahoma Baptist University, she spent two years in Portugal doing community development and family discipleship. Upon returning to the States, Caroline completed her M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2012.

Over the past decade in counseling, Caroline has seen God do amazing redemption in clients’ lives in the counseling room. It is the greatest privilege of her life to cheer people on as they seek wholeness, both personally and relationally. In her own life, Caroline has experienced joy in the midst of depression, God’s mercy in weakness, God’s comfort in pregnancy loss, strengthening for anxiety, hope for postpartum depression, the Spirit’s help with chronic pain, and reconciliation within broken families. Caroline and her husband Rob desire to help people truly understand their Savior, their personal stories of redemption, and what it means to live with joy in the midst of brokenness.

Caroline enjoys doing marriage counseling, as well as working with women and adolescents. Though she is primarily a generalist, some of her favorite issues to counsel are anxiety, depression, teenage support, marriage enrichment, grief, developmental changes, spiritual abuse, family dynamics, and postpartum suffering. Caroline takes a holistic approach, utilizing spiritual and practical help. Please reach out if you need help finding the right counselor for you.

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