Headshot for Jackie Black

Jackie Black

Jackie is a native of the Washington, D.C. area with ties to Maryland, D.C., and northern Virginia where she currently resides.

After graduating from Westminster Theological Seminary, Jackie worked as an adoption social worker, developing a trauma-informed approach with a Biblical focus. She applies how the Lord uses Scripture in His stories to help, heal, and speak to people about Himself and their stories, communities, and process. Jackie’s areas of focus include historical trauma, family relationships, anxiety, depression, spiritual formation, and marriage counseling.

Jackie is a proud aunt, sister, and daughter to her family who remains local to the area, and she spoils her dog, Frank Capra, who is occasionally at sessions or on screen. She currently serves at her local church, Portico Church of Arlington, in a counseling and consult role. She enjoys watching sports and traveling as often as possible with friends or to see friends.

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