Sara Shannon

Sara Shannon

Sara currently lives near Annapolis and provides biblical counseling in Columbia, Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick and the surrounding counties. She earned her BA at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania and her Masters in Biblical Counseling at Faith Bible Seminary in Indiana. Sara met her husband while volunteering in missions in Peru. They have both taught in public schools in the US and served as missionaries in Peru, Mexico and Haiti for more than 2 decades. They have 4 fabulous grown children, including a Peruvian daughter through adoption.

Though her time is primarily dedicated to counseling with Heart Song in the US, Sara also serves as chaplain with Samaritan’s Purse International Relief and teaches biblical counseling on-line with the Baptist Theological Seminary of Lima. Her passion is helping hurting people find salvation, comfort, healing and guidance as they learn to see their story and purpose in God’s overarching plan of redemption. She counsels in many areas, specializing in trauma counseling and is very comfortable with on-line counseling as well as in person. In her free time Sara enjoys visiting her kids and grandbaby, taking barre classes, off road motorcycling, reading, cooking, and hiking.

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